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AirSmart OEM: Your comfort is our priority

With AirSmart OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, we offer our own developments for your products. We are your partner in product development and provide you with knowledge to design solutions and ensure quality. Take advantage of extensive know-how from experienced ventilation specialists and receive customer service before and after sales.

Ventilation control

The AirSmart Ventilation control is an easy-to-use solution for managing ventilation units up to 10,000 m³/h. It provides real-time data, alerts, and integrates with building management systems. The software can be paired with a mobile app for remote monitoring and control. It is easy to install and offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining healthy indoor air.

Smart connector

The AirSmart connector is the perfect solution for attaching flexible ducts to the collector. Thanks to the advanced design, the flexible tube can be connected without additional accessories. If something does go wrong, you can easily disconnect the tube through the plug-and-play system.

RF Controller 

AirSmart's Rf transmitter is the ideal wireless solution to control a ventilation system. The switch allows you to easily change between four fan speeds. The controller is easy to mount using a standard insert or double-sided tape. 

ictus open .png

AirSmart's scroll was developed to maximize fan performance and simultaneously minimize noise. The scroll is made of PP and coated with an antistatic layer. This guarantees hygiene and ensures minimal resistance. 

Ventilation unit private label

Take advantage of our know-how and sell a high-quality and innovative ventilation unit under your name without the high development cost and possible teething problems. In addition, we also offer the possibility to buy the unit without certain parts (e.g. control, fans etc. )

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