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Total solutions for your ventilation needs

At AirSmart, we go beyond manufacturing; we are your complete system provider exclusively for the BENELUX. In addition to our trade products, we also offer complementary services to fully support your project.

Discover an extensive selection of high-quality products, purchased directly from manufacturers. This direct approach guarantees not only competitive prices, but also top quality.

Experience the simplicity of a total solution for all your ventilation needs, without middlemen, and with AirSmart's reliability and support.

eengezindswoning puntdak.JPG
AirSmart WTW units
Voorbladafbeelding groep B_Afbeelding_DCAB_XG.png
Galva ducts
Voorbladafbeelding groep E_Catalogus AS_DCAE_XG.png
Voorbladafbeelding groep D_Afbeelding_DCAD_XG.png
Voorbladafbeelding groep K_Catalogus AS_DCAK_XG.png
Exhaust and supply
Voorbladafbeelding groep F_Catalogus AS_DCAF_XG.png
Voorbladafbeelding groep G_Catalogus AS_DCAG_XG.jpg
Semi-rigid ducts
10.FHCVXH_Flexibele HoofdCollector Verticaal_Catalogus AS_DCAH_XG.png
Air Distribution System
Voorbladafbeelding groep I_Catalogus AS_DCAI_XG.png
noise dampers and insulation
Voorbladafbeelding groep J_Catalogus AS_
Kopie van niet resi units-01_edited.jpg
Air Handling Units
10.SQISDXXL_ECONEXT QI Schoorsteen set hellend Zwart en Terracotta_Catalogus
Voorbladafbeelding groep M_Catalogus AS_DCAM_XG.jpg
Fire valves
Voorbladafbeelding groep R_Catalogus AS_DCAR_XG no background.png
rectangular custom made
insulated galva 
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How can we help you?

At AirSmart, we combine our quality products with quality service to provide maximum comfort to our customers. Our services reflect our experience and knowledge within the ventilation profession and the team is always ready to answer your questions.

Service Bell  _edited.jpg
Rondleiding door het huis
System provider

As a system provider, AirSmart provides total solutions for ventilation projects in residential and non-residential applications. This includes project studies, necessary advice, material lists, equipment, etc. In short, we relieve you of all your ventilation concerns so that you only have to deal with the installation. 

Professional study service

AirSmart's professional study service draws up your ventilation plan accurately and in detail. The plans are designed entirely in Revit, resulting in a well-arranged whole that guarantees easy installation. 

Ontwerp en advies-01.jpg
Project and design advice

AirSmart's ventilation specialists can provide the right advice for ideal ventilation when designing a construction project.  This guarantees a smooth installation on site and, an optimal indoor climate. 

Site supervision for professionals

With site supervision, we ensure that the installer can install our installations with confidence. One of our professionals will come to the site to explain the plan and point out the difficulties.

Research and development

 Our dedicated R&D team is constantly researching new materials and technologies as well as testing and refining our current products to ensure our high quality and performance. We focus on energy efficiency, air quality and noise reduction to guarantee comfort and minimize costs.

AirSmart OEM: Your comfort is our priority

With AirSmart OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, we offer our own developments for your products. We are your partner in product development and provide you with knowledge to design solutions and ensure quality. Take advantage of extensive know-how from experienced ventilation specialists and receive customer service before and after sales.

Ventilation control

The AirSmart Ventilation control is an easy-to-use solution for managing ventilation units up to 10,000 m³/h. It provides real-time data, alerts, and integrates with building management systems. The software can be paired with a mobile app for remote monitoring and control. It is easy to install and offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining healthy indoor air.

ictus open .png

AirSmart's scroll was developed to maximize fan performance and simultaneously minimize noise. The scroll is made of PP and coated with an antistatic layer. This guarantees hygiene and ensures minimal resistance. 

RF Controller 

AirSmart's Rf transmitter is the ideal wireless solution to control a ventilation system. The switch allows you to easily change between four fan speeds. The controller is easy to mount using a standard insert or double-sided tape. 

Ventilation unit private label

Take advantage of our know-how and sell a high-quality and innovative ventilation unit under your name without the high development cost and possible teething problems. In addition, we also offer the possibility to buy the unit without certain parts (e.g. control, fans etc. )

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