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Discover CLICKFIX: your key to installation ease. Simplify the process, save time, and enjoy efficient air distribution in every project.

Air Distribution System

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63mm | 75mm | 90mm 

Air Distribution System for semi-rigid ducts

Plug-and -Play


Easy installation

9 items


The CLICKFIX product range consists of just nine essential  items: one type of duct and eight different collectors.

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The housing of the collectors is made from galvanized steal and can handle a beating. 

Don't worry about damaging the products during installation. 

The patented CLICKFIX fittings make the product unique. No extra clips or safeguards are needed. Just Click and Fix!  

The convenient installation ensures efficiency in the field. This results in higher productivity for the installer. 



CLICKFIX can be used for a variety of applications. Concreet, screed or false cealings.



The ducts are coated with an antistatic and antibacterial layer to ensure clean air and minimize resistance. 

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The patented CLICKFIX connector is developed to enhance speed and effciency in the field. The fittings do not
require any extra clips or safeguards. A mistake is not uncommon... Does your connector needs to be refitted? No
worries, just click your duct out of the fitting and readjust. Peanuts!

CLICKFIX smart connector 

The AirSmart semi-rigid duct is made of HDPE-mod. 

The tube has an antistatic and antibacterial coating. This maximizes hygiene and minimizes channel pressure resulting in an optimal result. Together with the CLICKFIX collector range, this is the ideal combination for a multi-purpose air distribution system.  

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CLICKFIX semi-rigid duct

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